Canadian credit unions in 2030

My wee Granny used to say, ye canna’ break a stick in a bundle. You’re part of something bigger now …
— Scottie, Star Trek

The credit union industry is stronger together. Many banks and corporations operate as standaline entities and compete with peer organizations. Credit unions are cooperative entities that determine strategic goals, assess tactical priorities and execute selected operational activities on an industry-wide basis. Collaborative initiatives include product development, technology innovation, wholesale services, government advocacy, consumer promotion. Collaboration help credit unions to deliver member service today, to nurture market share tomorrow and to ensure a sustainable presence for many years to come.

Clean West Capital is delighted to launch Wiser Together, a collaborative research program. The credit union industry is blessed with technical expertise, system memory and courageous imagination across its leaders, employees and stakeholders. Wiser Together seeks to harness creative ideas, to collate perspectives, and to leverage collective wisdom for system benefit.

The first related research initiative is 'Canadian credit union industry in 2030'. This imaginative and futuristic survey frames four multiple choice questions on retail banking, industry structure, operations & services and industry stakeholders. It is not a test. There are no 'right' or 'wrong' answers. Respondents may choose to decline to answer any question. Rather the survey seeks creative imagination, to boldly envision a future state that is deliberately beyond the timeline in typical strategic planning exercises.

The survey is open for anyone to complete. Executives, board directors, staff, members and stakeholders each offer perspective. Diversity of perspective is proactively welcomed. Survey respondents may win an iPad and will have access to pre-publication output. More importantly, survey respondents will contribute to collaborative research that seeks to advance the credit union industry. Wiser together.

Further information and survey at or via Clean West Capital and/or its principal, Ross McDonald, have authored eight prior publications on the Canadian credit union industry.

You can’t rely on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus
— Mark Twain