Our clients typically face a concern, issue or opportunity. We provide consultative advisory or hands-on assistance to help them embrace the future. We love seeing clients - executive or board - make informed, considered and bold decisions. Most of our work is originated from repeat business or client referrals.

Client centric, culture advocate and professional approach. Credit unions vary in size, challenges and circumstances. Situations may be messy, rosy or simply aspirational. Resources may be limited. Our help is customized. It is always an honour to serve. Stronger together.

As a first step, let’s have a confidential conversation. Reach out directly or via a system connection. Or peruse authored publications.

I highly recommend Ross for any work that relates to consulting for, assessing, operating, or providing oversight to financial institutions.
— Executive, financial regulator
91% - very satisfied [with facilitation of off-site strategic planning session]
— Board of Directors & executive team, credit union


For many organizations, establishment or review of long-term vision is challenging. Strategic clarity, tactical focus and stakeholder buy-in may demand non-operational analytics, respect for inherent trade-offs and courageous leadership.


Periodically, a credit union may require temporary executive resource. Bespoke assistance may reflect a short-term talent vacancy, a near-term resource limitation, or a specific need for resource with atypical skills or expertise.


Large, impactful and/or sensitive tactical projects or decisions may require elevated expertise or incremental resources. Executive and/or Board approval may require documentation or advisory that is evidenced, professional & compelling.


Corporate governance oversight may involve complex matters and difficult choices. Balancing leadership assessment, fiduciary responsibilities, any regulator expectations and stakeholder representation may be challenging.


Regulators may require that a credit union experience elevated oversight and/or execute specific actions. Remedial activities and stakeholder management may benefit from fresh perspective and experienced advisory.


Development of executive talent may stimulate performance. Succession planning, performance appraisal or other initiatives may identify current or future potential executives for whom a coach may help them to grow and to shine.


The Canadian Credit Union industry is a busy place. External forces are numerous. Internal circumstances may be complex. Stuff happens. Sometimes uncomfortably. Targeted assistance may provide clarity, confidence and action to mitigate challenges or to exploit opportunities. Contact us directly or via system network. Ideally in advance.

It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you in trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.
— Mark Twain
In business, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.
— Warren Buffett