Clean West Capital provides advisory and interim services. Credit unions face concerns and aspirations. Together, we can devise a clear plan to overcome challenges, to embrace opportunity and to help credit unions shine.

The Canadian credit union faces growth opportunity and disruptive change. Cooperative principles and member service resonate strongly with Canadian consumers. But strategic planning and tactical execution may sometimes be challenged by governance, executive, resources, innovation, digitization, demographics, regulation, consolidation, stratification, federalization and more. Credit unions face differentiation, transformation or decline.

We applaud people before profits, purposeful intent and cooperative values. We aspire to help our clients to serve the members, employees and communities of tomorrow.


Curiosity. Courage.
Solving problems.



Trusted advisor.
Strategic insight.



Community engagement.
Economic development.



Continuous learning.
Industry engagement.

A purposeful organization’s employees are more engaged, more satisfied and more likely to remain committed to the company. The same applies to customers - many would drive across town to support an organization whose purpose is worthy, understandable and supportable.
— Ernst & Young, 'Banking on Purpose'
Just as people cannot live without eating, so a business cannot live without profits. But most people don’t live to eat, and neither must businesses live just to make profits.
— John Mackay, CEO Whole Foods